John Deere Bulk Oil

John Deere Bult Oil for Plus 50 II engine OilWhen you fill your bulk oil tank with new Plus-50 II, you’ll have our proven 500-hour engine oil at your disposal.  Imagine the savings and peace of mind that come with oil that lasts up to twice as long as standard oil.

Benefits of Plus-50 II

  • It saves you money - get quality oil at bulk rates
  • Extended drain intervals up to 500 hours in your John Deere equipment
  • Developed by John Deere engineers alongside John Deere engines
  • Qualified by the most extreme off-road engine dyno test in the industry
  • Exceeds requirements of the API CI-4 service category and is approved for interim
  • Tier 4 and Tier 4 engines, as well as older engines
  • There’s less waste - you’ll no longer have dozens of empty oil containers strewn about your shop.  One tank will hold all the oil you need

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