The perfect entry-level telematics solution for all makes and models of self-propelled equipment
The JDLink Select system is a flexible tool for managing and maintaining a mixed fleet of farm equipment. It uses satellite-based mapping to provide accurate equipment positioning and it monitors machine run times while providing maintenance notifications and summary reports.

You’re in control.
JDLink Select system is a “colour-blind” solution for every brand and type of equipment with a 12 or 24 volt charging system. It helps you keep an eye on your operations at virtually any time – without disturbing your operators.

Location, location, location.
Running multiple machines in different locations? No problem with the JDLink Select system. But what if machines leave predefined areas? What if machine working hours exceed time limits?
That’s no problem either. JDLink Select system enables you to respond quickly to resolve these issues. How? It notifies you of the situation via email..

You’ll see the results.
The JDLink system makes doing a lot more a lot more easy. Why? Now you can base decisions on meaningful, easy to understand data, graphics and status reports.

Asset protection.
Because the JDLink Select system furnishes details on planned and overdue maintenance, it can ensure that all of your equipment is being properly cared for. Performance and uptime are maximized. Costs and headaches are minimized.

Knowledge is power.
Use the JDLink Select system to increase productivity and uptime as you decrease operating expenses. It’s your introduction to remote machine management for:

  • Controlling the farm equipment you choose
  • Reducing costs and increasing machine revenues
  • Reducing downtime via caution or stop-alert notifications
  • Simplifying maintenance scheduling and documentation
  • Recovering “misplaced” equipment
  • Upgrade to the JDLink Ultimate system

JDLink Ultimate offers

  • Machine hours
  • Curfew alerts
  • Road maps, satellite map location, and driving directions
  • Geofencing
  • Maintenance management
  • Machine utlization profile
  • Machine states (ie, working vs. idle)
  • Customer alerts
  • Remote diagnostics via diagnostics trouble codes
  • System usage information (percent of AutoTrac utilization)
  • Advanced machine utilization)
  • Export/scheduled email report
  • Machine comparison

To find quick answers to your questions:

  • Jim Baergen, 509-681-0233, jbaergen@eiijd.com
  • StellarSupport.com
  • 800-833-3731

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