In one single pass covering unprecedented large acreage, you can perform tillage and seed-bed preparation in combination with a planting machine. It mixes the soil thoroughly, improves water management, breaks up the plough pan and improves use of fertilizer.

The 57 series spader has an ideal working speed of 6 mph, which amounts to an output of 6.2 acres per hour. In order to reach this speed, the machine is equipped with a spade shaft fitted with 6 spade arms per rotor. The machine is available in working widths of 10' and 15'.

The machine is fitted as standard with an accumulator with a guage that can be used to reduce the ground pressure of the rear Spiro roller resulting in 10% more fuel efficiency. This can be necessary when heavy seeders are added on or if the soil does not have sufficient bearing strength.

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The following video shows the comparison between plowing and spading. 

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