Imants Series 57

56 Series

56 Series Description: (for heavy clay and wet soils!)

  • Designed for tractors in the 250-350 engine hp range and utiliziing a 400hp rated center gearbox with two-side gearboxes
  • Available in 10, 12 and 15 ft working widths
  • 3-point or towed versions
  • Modular design allows interchanging of spade knives and spade blades for different soil types and conditions
  • Able to couple a secondary PTO driven tillage implement via double output shaft on gearbox and auxiliary 2-point hitch
  • Operates on 1000 PTO with Walterschied P-700 driveline and Torque limiter
  • The versatility of this model with interchangeable components and spades provides the advantage of soil spading in even the most difficult soils, reducing passes and improving soil quality
  • Does not come with power-harrow
  • Designed for tractors in the 250-350 engine hp range and utilizing our heaviest “PL” planetary drivetrain
  •  Available in 10, 12 and 15 ft working width
  • Either 3-point or towed versions
  • Comes standard with power harrow and operates on 1000 PTO with Waltersheid P-700 driveline
  • These spaders have an average working speed of over 5mph on lighter soils and are suited for large operations.
  • The 15-foot model will work approximately 9.4 acres per hour

Model 57 Heavy Duty with Power Harrow

  • 3-point
  • Recommended HP 250hp-400hp