Precision Ag

Evergreen Implement provides complete AMS service.

  • Full-time Knowledgeable Integrated Solutions Specialists on staff.
  • Customizable systems to meet your requirements with on-going training and educational clinics.
  • A large product inventory to assure quick start-up.
  • We have a Columbia Basin-wide RTK tower network for signal rental.

Why Invest in a John Deere Ag Management Solution?
Ask Our AMS Specialist!

  • Reduce fertilizer, seed, fuel, labor and equipment wear and tear input costs
  • Document field information including: operator, field, variety and other data
  • Manage data using John Deere Operations Center
  • Recommend map-based prescriptions for field management of fertilizer, chemical and seed rates
  • Control rates on implements from planters to sprayers
  • Increase operational efficiency from time management to effective placement of inputs
  • Increase operator efficiency allowing confidence and consistency from operator to operator
  • Increase machine efficiency without increasing excessive wear and tear on components
  • Maximize your capital investment by allowing operation in varied conditions 24/7
  • Reduce operator fatigue while increasing focus on implement operation efficiency
  • Enhance land stewardship by accurately working only the ground that will actually be farmed
  • Improve Planting Accuracy With Starfire 6000 and Without RTK
    • 1.2" Seasonal repeatability with SF3
    • Fast 30 minute pull-in gets you to work quickly
    • No line-of-sight or cellular coverage issues
    • Locking bracket available to deter theft

 Stellar Support RTK Tower Locator shows where all the RTK towers are located within the United States. This link will take you to the John Deere website. 
LEGEND---Green=Evergreen Towers, Blue=Coop Towers

Tom Wells

ISD Manager

Andy Garza

ISD Specialist