Active Implement Guidance

Active Implement guidance

Active Implement Guidance automatically steers the implement onto the desired guidance line. Active Implement Guidance utilizes the Application Controller 1100, a GreenStar™ display, and AutoTrac™ assisted steering system components with a variety of signal levels. These components team up with an implement steering mechanism to provide increased implement precision.

With Active Implement Guidance, both the tractor and the implement follow the same guidance line in straight, circle, and curve track modes. Growers who are planting bedded crops, planting row crops, or strip-tilling, as well as those operating in standing row-crop applications, can capitalize on the value of Active Implement Guidance.

Producers experience many benefits with Active Implement Guidance:

  • Ability to maintain high crop quality with multiple passes through the field
  • Precise input placement, reducing operator fatigue
  • Industry-exclusive implement control at the operator's fingertips

Automatically Steers Implement to Guidance Line

John Deere Tractor and Grimme Potato EquipmentWithout the use of Active Implement Guidance, drawn implements are susceptible to implement drift caused by varying soil conditions as well as gravity in sidehill applications. John Deere Active Implement Guidance automatically steers the implement to the guidance line by providing satellite data correction to the implement steering mechanism, reducing the adverse impact of implement drift.
The benefits of John Deere Active Implement Guidance include:

  • Positive impact on input 
  • High crop quality
  • Industry-exclusive fingertip controls
  • Reduced operator fatigue 
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Flexibility of signal options with StarFire™ 3000 Receivers

Positive Impact on Inputs

Potato PlanterActive Implement Guidance helps optimize the use of inputs by increasing accuracy at the implement and facilitating seamless, repeatable passes throughout the growing season.
Active Implement Guidance can help to reduce input costs in a variety of applications. Potato producers and other specialty crop producers that make frequent passes through the field have seen the value of Active Implement Guidance as they precisely plant and care for their crop. Additionally, producers employing strip-till practices are better able to align their seed placement with their fertilizer placement, maximizing the uptake of their valuable nutrients.

High Crop Quality

Tractor and PlowMaintaining the best crop quality is important in all farming operations, and is made especially difficult in cropping practices that require multiple passes through the field. Each pass during the production cycle puts the crop at risk. With Active Implement Guidance, producers no longer have to worry about the emerged crop, as both the tractor and implement are operating on the A-B line.
A risk is also minimized when seed is planted with Active Implement Guidance. The improved precision of seed placement provides a straighter path for subsequent passes throughout the season. Compaction and crop disturbance are also reduced as Active Implement Guidance achieves its precision by keeping the implement and tractor on the same guidance path.
At the end of the season, the results are better crop quality and improved yield, a value all producers can appreciate.

Industry-exclusive Fingertip Controls

Tractor Console

Active Implement Guidance requires an implement steering mechanism. This is common with any active implement supplier on the market. The method of controlling the mechanism can only be found from John Deere.

John Deere controls the implement steering device through the tractor's SCV. This industry-exclusive technology allows operators to engage and disengage Active Implement Guidance quickly and easily.

Operators appreciate this when turning in fields with limited headland space. Simply disengage Active Implement Guidance and manually straighten out the implement after a turn by feathering the SCV lever.

Many minutes are saved, even with the most experienced operators, by eliminating the process of backing up after turns to align implements. The time an operator spent getting frustrated turning large implements can now be spent enjoying planting.

The fingertip controls also provide ease when parking implements in tight places or pulling through narrow spaces.

Fingertip control is available for

  • John Deere
    • Large-Frame 7X30 and 7R Series Tractors
    • 8XXX  and 8R Series Tractors
    • 9XXX and 9R Series Tractors