Operations Center

Manage a farm
See what is happening.  Collaborate to maximize profit.  Direct a plan with confidence.
John Deere Operations Center is a set of online tools that enable access to farm information anytime, anywhere. Tools in the Operations Center provide growers and their partners with the ability to analyze, edit, and make collaborative decisions from the same set of information to optimize logistics, plans and direct in-field work, increasing yield and profitability.

Optimize In-Field Work

 Achieving optimal yield and reducing waste are important for a manager. Mistakes on the job can be costly to yield, waste inputs and time, and ultimately affect profitability. Managing this stage of the operation can be chaotic, inefficient and cause a manager to be on the phone for hours per day trying to coordinate work, monitor progress and just make sure the job gets done right. It takes numerous meetings, phone calls and even field visits which are all prone to miscommunication and costly errors and delays.
Replace lists and phone calls with the jobs panel, various jobs tool in the Operations Center, and the MyJobs App on a mobile device. A job is simply a complete list of all tasks with all the necessary instructions to execute the job accurately—right product, right field, right time, and right settings. Once the job has started, Job Monitor enables the grower to follow view near real-time map layers and progress and ensure it gets executed as intended.

Value in brief:

  • Reduce the risk of yield loss by ensuring quality job execution
  • Increase productivity and reduce operational costs
  • Enable in-field adjustments to the plan to quickly respond to environmental and logistical changes
  • Add a job with specific work instructions like task, field, machine, product, rate, and notes
  • See planned job list in job panel
  • Quick status in Job Panel and Job Marker
  • Track daily totals and productivity Job Summary in Job Panel
  • View numerous map layers in near real-time in Job Monitor
  • View field totals and averages in near real-time in Job Monitor
  • Share job functionality with trusted partners through permissions sharing functionality

Remotely Manage Machine and Operators

As operations grow, keeping a pulse on what is happening with equipment and operators at any given time becomes more of a challenge. The John Deere Operations Center makes this easier with features such as Location History, Remote Display Access, Job Monitor, and map functions that allow a manager to see what is going on anywhere, anytime they choose. With a bird’s-eye view of the farm and the ability to remote view into the cab, the Operations Center is an essential tool for today’s progressive grower.

Value in Brief:

  • Remotely view in-cab displays and iPad® tablets running advanced mobile apps in order to:
    • Prevent time-consuming field visits
    • Reduce costly errors with equipment settings
    • Resolve problems more quickly
  • Save time calling equipment operators to ask for their locations by viewing them on a map
  • Identify inefficiencies with machine operation and logistics by seeing the path traveled
  • Utilize map features for a bird’s-eye view of an operation:
    • View the last operation performed on a field
    • See Location History of a machine for any day during the past 60 days
    • Receive job status on all in progress, planned, or completed jobs
    • View live weather radar and get the current conditions and 5-day forecast
  • Connect directly to the machine’s display with Remote Display Access (RDA)
  • Receive streaming data and historical results from an iPad running advanced mobile apps such as SeedStar™ Mobile and Harvest Mobile.

Receive streaming data from an iPad running advanced mobile apps such as SeedStar™ mobile and Harvest Mobile.

Analyze Data for Insights to Take Action

Field Analysis

Growers who are capturing agronomic data are usually doing so to enable and improve decision making. Users need to have tools to evaluate the data, ensure its accuracy, and take action on it. The John Deere Operations Center equips users with tools that make data interpretation easier than ever so that they can understand the factors influencing yield and take action on those insights in the field. 

Value in brief:

  • Make decisions with information you know to be accurate
  • Increase performance by determining the factors influencing yield within each field
  • Improve efficiency with the ability to direct machines and operators in the field
  • Ensure agronomic information accurately reflects what happened in the field
    • Data editing
    • Field detection
    • Harvest post calibration
  • Discover insights from historical data to improve decision making
    • Apex™ software backup to Operations Center
    • Summary tab
  • Use historical information to evaluate whether or not the job was executed correctly
    • Agronomic reports
    • Field analyzer reports
  • Take action on the insights learned from the data
    • Prescription creator
    • Setup builder
    • Jobs

Connect to Partner Applications

John Deere has made the Operations Center platform open to third-party developers and software partners so that they may develop customer applications leveraging the common platform.
The common platform allows John Deere users to access files and specific data from the John Deere Operations Center through the partner Web or mobile applications that have proper access.
Software partners are granted access to John Deere technology once they have completed all the steps on Deere’s production checklist and signed the requisite agreements with Deere. Simply having access should not assume the product is commercially available in all areas- product availability is controlled by the partner companies. As of December 2015, Deere has the following partners who have integrated: